Thursday, 25 June 2009

Back To The Family Tradition Part One...

Every two months the males in the family meet up at my dad's house. I take my son with me, Kyle. My brother, Adam is also their. We used to meet up to see the football whilst my wife and her mother in law and my brothers wife go shopping. Before my son was born our tradition had to stop, but now he is eighteen he's in for a suprise.
What used to do before we got married and have Kyle we used to have our traditional threesome, whilst our wives were out.
As we got there we all had a cup of coffee before we started doing our own things. Dad was eager to get the wives out ofr the two day shopping trip around London. As they left, me, dad, and bro went upstairs leaving Kyle watching football, we striped and made shore that the wives had left. We shared the shower together to get clean for my son's suprise.
Kyle was so ingroced with the football he didn't know what was going on. We got out and dried each over off and just put our tight boxers back on. Downstairs Kyle had closed all the curtains probally becasue he couldn't see the TV well because of the sunlight.
We entered the livng with big buldges and stood infront of the telly. Kyles eyes were glued to our buldges. His Grandad told him to strip to showing his balls. He did as he was told. We walked other and checked him out. He was covering his balls. I removed his hands from were they were to see his dickie wicky. " What I Nice Pair You've Got There Kyle" Said Adam, Kyle agreed. "Let's Get This Party Started!" shouted Grandad. All of us riped off our undies to reveale our erected penis', Kyle was amazed and started getting a stiff one. Us three all had ver at least a 9 inch cock. Kyle's is only 8 and half. My dad walked over and started french kissing Kyle, i could see his amazment. I bent down to his cock and started pumping it and Adam started pumping dads.
To be continued...

What A Gang Bang! With Friends, Brothers and Dad

I was on holiday camping with my friend and his two brothers and my other friend and the three brothers dad. I am 16 and my friend, Jack is also 16 and he dosen't know that i fancy his brother who is 20. I've seen his brothers arse before it was amazing. His brother Daniel was quite muscular and hairy. His other brother was 17 and just left school, Karl had a very muscular body becasue he had a six pack. I was never fund of their dad, Mark until later on. Our other friend, Joe was 14 and he was just skinny.
While everyone was at the men showers we all had to share a shower, two in each, i shared with Jack becasue then it did't look to perverted if we shared with one of the olders. Well it was Me and Jack in one, Karl and Joe, Daniel and his Dad. Anyway I noticed that Jack had the same amount of pubic hair as me but then he started to shave it off. He asked if he could shave mine. I said he could go ahead and shave it off because it didn't actually like it there becasue it wasn't really attractive.
As we finished we went back to the tent and went to sleep. the sleeping arangements was different than the showering. We all slept with somebody older than us becasue Joe was younger he had to share with Mark (Jacks Dad), Jack and Karl were in the same room and me and Daniel shared.
That night i was desperate to masturbate because i was with Daniel, but i could hear a sleeping bag moving. I got out and then started to look around the inside the tent. What i didn't realise was it was Daniel masturbating he stopped and looked and saw me. "Do you want to join me?" I thought am i going to do this? "OK" I agreed, he told me what to do. I striped down and then started to kiss. Dan had one arm round my head and one hand jacking his dick.
I let go and started to kiss his musuclar hairy body until i reached his penis. It must of been 8 inches long. I placed my mouth over his dick. He was moving my head up and down on his penis, he was groaning loud. I carried on so he can enjoy the full, but i heard our zip door open, Daniel still carried on moving my head up and down. " Can i join you son?" It was his dad Mark. we moved to the open area where we would eat our food. Me and Dan crried while his dad was masturbating to get a hardon so he could ram one of us up the arse.
Daniel was still moaning. Eeryone then came out to masturbate. Mark stopped us but Daniel just cummed in my mouth and over my face. Mark said let's play a game out of this. Me and Dan looked around to see everyone's dick to see what they've got. Joe's was only about 6 inches, Jack same as me, Karl looked like he had a 9 incher and Mark had the biggest of them all a massive 12 inches long. So he told the rules of the game. He split us into two groups, the oldests and the youngests. The rules where that you have to suck, fuck everyone in you group once. So for now we did that.
Us youngest ones, firsted watched the oldests go first, so we could get hardons. Mark was fucking Daniel, he was groaning in pain and Karl was stuffing his cock in Danniels mouth. All three where groaning loudly.
So Me, Jack and Joe started after we got our hardons. We decide that Joe was to be fucked, i was to be sucked and Jack was to be rythm maker.As we where in postion Jack started pumping and Joe started sucking me off. All of us in the tent were groaning. "I'm coming" I shouted to warn Joe and Jack said the same. We came and Joe was covered in cum.
When we stopped, we decide to give up on that game and started to masturbate and so who cums first. I was groaning faster and faster and i was the first to cum.
We then we got into partners. I was with Mark, Joe was with Karl and Jack was with Daniel. Mark bent me over and started pounding me with that whopper of his. He was getting faster, i was moaning with pain but it was amazing. I felt him cum inside my hole. he turned me round and oredered to suck him clean. I looked round to see everyone esle still pumping. I was taking much of his monster as i could. he moved his hands down to my erectd pre- cummed penis and started jerking it. We both came at the same time.After all of that fucking we were tired out and cumless.
We went to bed naked and continued in the showers in the morning.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Me and Mr Hutches

Hello, i'm a gay 17 year old, i'm decent guy with a good body build almost a six pack, with hairy legs and pubic hair around my penis. I love dreaming of gay sex especailly incest and with my favourite teachers. One night i had a dream of favourite teacher, Mr Hutches, it was great.

Little did i known the unexpected happened. As school ended i forgot to put my shinpads into my bag from lesson 3 so i went back to get them and find Mr Hutchins changing out of his clothes to a suit becasue it was the Year 11 Leavers Ball. As i was searching he turned and asked "Have you lost anything?".

"Yes, my shinpads" i replied as i turned to talk to him he was standing their in his boxers. I noticed a huge buldge.

When i turned to carry on looking i couldn't stop thinking about that buldge. He called again, and he was standing in his tight black boxers. Starring at his muscular six pack and hairy body. He walked over to me and kissed me pationatly. I couldn't believe what a good kisser he was. I knew he wasn't gay, he was due to get married to his fiance in three weeks. Anyway, he started moving my head down his muscular hairy body, he tasted so sweet, urgh!! I felt so orgasmic!! I came to his boxers i kissed them passionatly. He stopped me. He pulled of my school top to reveal my six pack, he then stood me up and pulled my trousers down.

After my trousers came off, i was just standing then in my bright blue boxers. Mr Hutches rubbed me all over and kissing pationatly aswell. He started rubbing the outside of my boxers. I was feeling him as well too, as we stood there in our boxers. He reached into my boxers and started jerking my cock which was about 7 inches long. I then reached into his boxers and started jerking him off, his dick must of been 9 and a half inches long. We was pumping away at a fast speed. I could feel myself, going to explode and his too. We ejaculated at the same, He told me to put his cum in his mouth so he could taste it. I knew what mine tasted like, so I tasted his, oh my god, it was amazing.

After our jerking, he told me to suck him. He sat on a bench and I got onto my hands and knees infront of his penis. I only got my face to his dick and he already started groaning. I sucked on his balls, even though they where a bit hairy, but so where mine, for a while. I moved up and opened my mouth wide so I get the 9 1/2 incher in. he put both hands around the back of my head and started moving my head up and down. His groaning was exciting me loads that i could feel the tip of my cock touching his tough legs. I was going faster, his groans where getting louder and then... he came... all his juices in my mouth. I came upto his mouth so we could snog, with his cum in my mouth.

"Come on, we ain't finished yet" he said. I guess he was desperate for more. He stood me up and pulled me forward. He told me to bend forward. I felt his hands grooming my hairy ass. He pulled my bum cheecks apart and placed his face inbetween. I could feel his tounge lubing up my ass. This was amazing, I was orgasming as it felt good. He was ryhming my asre with his big red tounge.

I heard open a condom packet, he placed it on. I then heard him spit, i dunno what he was doing but I don't care. He got up and placed his dick on my arse. "Are you ready?" he asked. I replied "YES!!!" I could feel him wegding in his 9 and half incher. I groaned so loud. He got it all in. He started a rythm, it hurt but my god it felt good. He was getting faster and faster. He was moaning more quicker. He came in my arse, it felt warm. I turned and sucked him clean and then we snogged and shared his cum.